This multi-phase project was designed to develop a support-focused assessment tool to help practitioners think about work-ability in terms of modification and/or inter-dependence required to enable someone to work in a specific job. It is designed specifically to support vocational rehabilitation planning.

The Work-ability Support Scale (WSS) is a very different approach to most work-ability assessments and thus is recognised by funders, researchers and practitioners as being a significant new development in VR assessment. The tool is being used by some providers of VR and employment support in New Zealand, and is part of routine assessment in the Northwick Park neurological rehabilitation unit in London, UK. It has also been translated into Japanese and Chinese.

We are developing opportunities to study the implementation of the tool in different settings. This may lead to updates in the WSS and/or further information about implementing it in different workplace and rehabilitation contexts.

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Project details

ACC contestable funding 2007

Research team:
Joanna Fadyl, Kathryn McPherson, Lynne Turner-Stokes (Kings College London), Philip Schlüter