26 Mar 2019

Introduction to Qualitative Research Workshop Tuesday 16th April 2019

Thematic analysis

Tuesday 16th April, 9-12 midday, Dr Gareth Terry and Assoc. Prof. Nicola Kayes will be holding a qualitative research workshop aimed at supporting postgraduate students and those academics new to qualitative research.

16 Oct 2018

Thematic Analysis Workshop 12th and 13th November

This is a six hour workshop run over two half days, delivered face to face at the AUT Akoranga campus. The course will introduce the principles and practice of reflexive thematic analysis (TA) as described by Virginia Braun, Victoria Clarke, and their colleagues.

24 May 2018

Thematic analysis workshop July 10 and 11, 2018

Thematic analysis

Register now for this six hour workshop run over two days, delivered face to face at the AUT Akoranga campus.

09 Jun 2016

Rethinking Disability and Rehabilitation for the Changing World

The first mini-conference for the SRIF Project - Rethinking Disability and Rehabilitation for a Changing World was held on Monday.

09 Jun 2016

Tool for MS sufferers

Paula Kersten, Kirsten van Kessel and Duncan Babbage from the MS Energise team have won the AUT Enterprises Limited Innovation Challenge.

09 Jun 2016

AFRM/NZRA Rehabilitation Conference - Building an enabling society

The AFRM / NZRA Combined Rehabilitation Meeting 2015 - Building an Enabling Society in Wellington started today with some stimulating plenary sessions and great presentations from members of PCRC too.

09 Jun 2016

PCR December Newsletter 2014

PCR's latest newsletter is available on the website for the moment. If you would like to receive email versions in the future, please don't hesitate to subscribe!

09 Jun 2016

New publication in BMJ Open

Who is in control? Clinicians' view on their role in self-management approaches: a qualitative metasynthesis by Suzie Mudge, Nicola Kayes and Kath McPherson

09 Jun 2016

Kath McPherson new CEO of Health Research Council

Professor Kath McPherson, Founder and Co- Director of PCR, has been appointed as CEO of the Health Research Council (HRC) in New Zealand.

09 Jun 2016

Two new PhD Scholarships

Two new exciting PhD Scholarships funded through the Medical Technologies Centre for Research Excellence are to be hosted at AUT.

09 Jun 2016

Presentations at New Zealand Physiotherapy Society Conference

Last month a number of researchers and (ex) students working with our team presented at the New Zealand Physiotherapy Society Conference.

09 Jun 2016

HRC Emerging Researcher Grant Award

Dr Nicola Kayes has been awarded a prestigious Emerging Researcher Grant from the HRC. The grant will enable her to conduct a mixed methods study which will explore the potential for an active, multicomponent knowledge translation intervention (interactive workshop with extended scope knowledge brokerage) to encourage change in ways of working and improvement in health outcomes.