Living Well Toolkit for Clients

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Do you think you are getting the best out of your healthcare?

We’ve designed the Living Well Toolkit with a lot of help from people with long-term conditions. We’ve listened to how you think healthcare could be better and the ways you think this can be achieved.

The Living Well Toolkit can help you think about your needs and the things you want your health professionals to know about you, your family or your situation.

Communicate your findings

Sharing this information with your health professionals helps them better understand your needs and customise care to suit you.

We’ve seen the toolkit used in lots of different ways. Here are some examples of how others have used it. You can use the toolkit any way you want.

Ways LWT used: I used ‘My needs right now’ section to help organise my thoughts before I saw my GP; Filling out ‘My needs right now’  helps me feel I have a bit more control when I talk to my case manager.; I used ‘All about me’ to discuss with my family what matters to me when I get healthcare and how I could share that with my health professionals.


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To make sure you get the best out of your health care.

Help yourself to live well

To learn more about the toolkit, to see what it looks like and how you could use it, check out this introductory video.