Silcock 2015

Silcock, M., Hocking, C., & Payne, D. (2015). Governmentality within children's technological play: Findings from a critical discourse analysis. Children and Society (2015), 1-11

Contact corresponding author: Clare Hocking


In many countries today, digital technology and instant communication are embedded in children’s everyday lives to the extent that their play frequently incorporates smartphones, the Internet and other technologies. In this paper, we explore the recent historical conditions within the New Zealand context that have increased the accessibility of these technologies and imbued them with particular meanings. We suggest that from a Foucauldian perspective, these technologies can be seen as a form of subtle disciplinary power using techniques of governmentality through which children’s ways of thinking are shaped to benefit societal requirements of the current historical era.

Team members:

Deborah Payne, Clare Hocking