Orton 2015

Orton, Y., Hocking, C., & Reed, K. (2015). Ideas occupational therapists take up from the international literature. New Zealand Journal of Occupational Therapy, 62(1), 12-19

Contact corresponding author: Clare Hocking


This small scale qualitative descriptive study investigated the ideas occupational therapists in Aotearoa New Zealand take up from the international literature.
Ten practicing occupational therapists engaged in semi-structured interviews. Iterative thematic analysis of data generated seven themes.
The themes are where ideas are sourced from; the emphasis given to occupation; enablement, justice and client safety; theory and assessments; tensions around evidence based practice; engaging with clients and colleagues; and recognition of culture.
Findings suggest therapists are staying up-to-date with international knowledge developments. Research into how ideas from overseas are applied in practice is needed

Team members:

Kirk Reed, Clare Hocking