Nunnerley 2015

Nunnerley, J., Dunn, J., McPherson, K.M., Hooper, G., Woodfield, T. (2015). Return to work for severely injured survivors of the Christchurch earthquake: influences in the first 2 years. Disability & Rehabilitation. Early online.


Purpose: This study looked at the influences on the return to work (RTW) in the first 2 years for people severely injured in the 22 February 2011 Christchurch earthquake. Method: We used a constructivist grounded theory approach using semi-structured interviews to collect data from 14 people injured in the earthquake. Results: Analysis elicited three themes that appeared to influence the process of RTW following the Christchurch earthquake. Living the earthquake
experience, the individual’s experiences of the earthquake and how their injury framed their expectations; rebuilding normality, the desire of the participants to return to life as it was; while dealing with the secondary effects of the earthquake includes the earthquake specific effects which were both barriers and facilitators to returning to work. Conclusion: The consequences of the earthquake impacted on experience, process and outcome of RTW for those injured in the Christchurch Earthquake. Work and RTW appeared key tools to enhance recovery after serious injury following the earthquake.

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