Hocking 2015

Hocking, C.,

Jones, M., & Reed, K. (2015). Occupational science informing occupational therapy interventions. In I. Soderback (Ed.), International handbook of occupational therapy interventions (2nd edition) Switzerland: Springer International Publishing

Contact corresponding author: Clare Hocking



Occupational therapists’ need for greater knowledge of occupation is described from two perspectives: as it was understood at the time the profession was established and as it is defined in the present day. Occupational science responds to that need. This new field of investigation is defined, and understandings about occupation that are shared by occupational therapists and scientists are reviewed. Three ways in which occupational science informs practice are identified. First, it supports a return to occupation-focused practice, where occupation is both the means of intervening and the goal of intervention, and understanding clients’ occupational history is essential. Second, occupational scientists are generating new intervention strategies, two of which are briefly outlined. Third, occupational science is opening up new practice areas with vulnerable populations, such as immigrants and refugees, using interventions that promote population health rather than providing rehabilitation. The need for ongoing research, particularly to support population-based interventions, is recognised.

Team members:

Kirk Reed, Clare Hocking