The Living Well Toolkit

Status: Recruiting

Principal Investigator:

Dr Suzie Mudge

Project Team:

Prof Kathryn McPherson, Dr Matire Harwood, Dr Nicola Kayes, Assoc Prof Paula Kersten, Prof Mark Weatherall,  Dr Suzie Mudge, Dr Janice Chesters, Dr Deborah Payne, Dr Bruce Kent, Dr Laura Wilkinson-Meyers, Dr Debbie Snell, Dr Peter Gow, Ann Sezier, Barbara Meier-Williams.

Funding: Health Research Council


Over the years, we've heard from a lot of people about the improvements that they want in the healthcare system. In this project, we heard from people living with long-term conditions about the ways in which health professionals and providers can better meet their needs. We also talked to family members and health professionals to incorporate their perspectives too. We used this information to develop the Living Well Toolkit, designed to be owned by the client and used in whichever way best suits their healthcare needs. The toolkit has three sections, 'about me', 'my needs right now' and 'people'. We envisage the toolkit can be used in lots of different ways. For example, clients might use the ‘about me’ section as a prompt to think about what is important for their healthcare sessions, use the 'my needs right now' section to write a list of questions to discuss with their GP, or the ‘people’ section to think about the roles of family members in their healthcare or how their health affects their responsibilities to their whānau. We hope that the Living Well Toolkit makes it easier for people to be more confident in ensuring their healthcare needs are met, to communicate more easily with health professionals and to live well over their lifespan.

The project is now complete and the resources for both clinicians and clients can be downloaded here

Contact: Suzie Mudge