Implementing new ways of working in physiotherapy practice to optimise outcome

Status: Recruiting

Principal Investigator:

Nicola Kayes

Project Team:

Nicola Kayes, Suzie Mudge, Peter Larmer, Duncan Babbage, Christine Cummins (Research Officer)

Funding: Health Research Council of New Zealand


Research findings can take two decades or more to find their way into practice. This has given rise to a whole new field of research seeking to identify strategies to enhance uptake of research findings into practice – Implementation Science. This project aims to apply knowledge translation strategies to address a long standing issue in physiotherapy: enhancing adherence in an outpatient musculoskeletal physiotherapy setting.

Using mixed methods, the study team will explore the feasibility, acceptability and impact of a knowledge translation intervention. Physiotherapists working in participating private outpatient clinics will attend an interactive workshop aiming to develop skills and knowledge in person-centred approaches to practice and strategies for integrating behaviour change techniques into practice. Following the workshop a trained knowledge broker will support clinicians to embed their skills and knowledge into practice over a three month period. Pre- to post- implementation change will explored across three levels of outcome: patient (adherence), practitioner (changing practice), and process (therapeutic relationship). Enhancing adherence in an outpatient musculoskeletal physiotherapy setting has the potential to optimise physiotherapy outcomes. Perhaps more importantly, the findings of this research will inform the development of more effective knowledge transfer interventions and more efficient and timely translation of research evidence into practice.

Contact: Nicola Kayes

What's Currently Happening?

We have been working with the physiotherapists taking part in this research over the last three months. Our team of researchers will be in their clinics over the next fortnight to speak to their clients about their perspectives on their physio's way of working. There is a short video clip below which explains what is involved if you are interested in taking part.


Watch the video about Project Optimise here ...