Experiences of recovery and adaptation after disabling traumatic brain injury

Status: Completed

Principal Investigator:

Kathryn McPherson and Alice Theadom

Project Team:

Kathryn McPherson, Alice Theadom, Joanna Fadyl, William Levack, Matire Harwood, Nicola Kayes, Nicola Starkey, Grant Christey, Valery Feigin

Funding: Health Research Council of New Zealand


This study aims to increase understanding of how Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) impacts on New Zealanders, in order to inform the development of more responsive, and therefore more effective health care services.
We interviewed 52 injured people with a TBI and 37 of their whanau / family three times following the TBI – 6 months, 12 months and 24 months. We asked about the issues of most concern to them and the changing consequences of TBI over time. We also sought to explore the strategies that they and their whanau/family use to promote recovery and adaptation after TBI.  Full findings are currently being written up for publication and we are presenting summaries of findings to stakeholders.

Contact: Joanna Fadyl