Auckland Regional Community Stroke Study (ARCOS IV)

Status: On-going

Principal Investigator:

Kathryn McPherson and Suzanne Barker-Collo

Project Team:

Kathryn McPherson, Suzanne Barker-Collo (Auckland University), Rita Krishnamurthi, Sandy Rutherford

Funding: Health Research Council of New Zealand


The Auckland Regional Community Stroke (ARCOS IV); Measuring and Reducing the stroke burden in New Zealand, is a five year programme (2010-15) with five inter-linked objectives and three distinct study designs, providing a multi-perspective evidence-base to assess and reduce stroke burden in New Zealand. The study has been awarded funding by the Health Research Council, and is led by Professor Valery Feigin as the Principle Investigator, and Professor Kathryn McPherson and Dr Suzanne Barker-Collo as Co-Principle Investigators.

Stroke is the second most common cause of death worldwide and a frequent cause of adult disability in developed countries. The aim of the ARCOS study is to measure and reduce stroke burden in New Zealand. This unique population-based approach will allow examination of trends in stroke incidence, prevalence and outcomes for a fourth decade (flowing on from previous ARCOS I, II and III studies); examination of effectiveness of primary and secondary prevention strategies adopted over the last 30 years; and to evaluate a novel, potentially widely applicable behavioural intervention to reduce stroke recurrence.

In addition, a third, qualitative component of the study lead by Professor Kathryn McPherson, will examine the long-term impact of stroke.


Associated Publications:


Journal Articles

Theadom, A., Rutherford, S., Kent, B., McPherson, K., & ARCOS IV Group. (2018). The process of adjustment over time following stroke: A longitudinal qualitative study. Neuropsychological rehabilitation, 1-11.